Denise Cangiano, LMFT

Harmonizing Health
Counseling and Education Center

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1216 Sheridan Avenue
Chico, CA



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Fitness of Mind, Body & Soul
Living Life Energetically & Peacefully
Healthy Emotions  ~  Healthy Fitness  ~  Healthy Lifestyle

Harmonizing Health is for people interested in doing personal work regarding emotions and their intertwined relationship to general health, happiness and Lifestyle Wellness as they play out in their lives and relationships. We work with people and businesses who want to participate in becoming healthier both physically and emotionally.


We provide:

  • Classes
  • Coaching
  • Psychotherapy
  • Consultation

Focusing on:

  • EMDR
  • Individual & Couples Counseling
  • Communication
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Self Nurturance
  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle Wellness
  • Visualization & Meditation
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Regression Therapy
  • Exercise Program Guidance
  • Developing Healthier Eating Habits
  • Learning to Move Again: A Fitness Approach


Harmonizing Health is a place where people can learn about and make Healthy Choices