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Health comes in many forms

I started this blog so that we could have discussions on health and healing and its many faces. Health comes in many forms and there are many tools to regaining vibrancy and vitality.

Today I focus on choices that we make and how they might work for us or against us. The main theme here is that when we make choices about our life, and yes even our daily life, they need to be choices that fulfill us rather than send us into dread, regret or just apathy. So many times we let other people influence our decisions into a direction that we don’t really want to go………Why? just because……….. I will illustrate with a story.

As many of you know, I started Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine School January, 2015. It is a 4 year program with no summers off!!!! For those who know me, this does not bear well with my personality, I like my freedom! I decided to go back to school because I am fascinated with mind-body-spiritual healing and health and I was due to do something new. I made an agreement with myself to go for one year full-time and then reassess. Well that reassessment time has come and gone as I am midway into my second year and feeling pretty overwhelmed all of the time………Not what I want for myself.

Recently I began thinking about slowing down in school and having more time to do the things I miss such as visiting with friends, working in my yard, exercising and running my business. WOW! I don’t have to do this program at such a pace for me that I am unhappy. I can do it differently…………, no, no we are supposed to go strong and get through it, is the voice in the back of my head. Have you ever had these conversations with yourself?

I know the choice that is right for me is the one that when I make it, I feel good inside. Imagine that, the choices that are good for us are those that we feel good inside when we make them! Oh that is so contrary to so many belief systems. Deciding to go back to school was one of those crazy choices that most would say no, no, no to and I am so happy that I made it. Now I get to fine tune and make the process fit my needs better. I want to enjoy my life TODAY! If not now when, and all it takes here is a little fine tuning to make it purr.

So look at your life and check your insides to see if there are things you are doing, or not doing that are not feeling good to you. Sometimes the process takes a bit of creativity, but there are always other ways.

Oh, and by the way, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine School are AMAZING at AIMC Berkeley. I am thrilled to be a part of the program and a part of the wonderful school. The decision to go definitely changed my life into a better direction, now to get it to purr.