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Revitalize Your Life

Eight inspiring weeks of educational classes that address multi faceted methods of transforming our lives into those that bring us joy and greater health.  Each class takes us on an interactive journey of getting to know ourselves better and finding out what inspires us to live the fulfilling lives that were intended for us.

  1. Managing Life’s Stresses
  2. Meditation & its Transformative Power
  3. Emotions, our Inner Guidance System
  4. Effective Communication 
  5. Activity and its role in Emotional, Physical and Mental health
  6. Living a Peaceful Life
  7. Healthy Eating
  8. Making a long term healthy living plan

Managing Life’s Stresses

  • Learning the difference between a stressor (event) and stress (the impact on our bodies) and how to manage both more effectively, and why this is important
  • Learning how to live more peacefully with stressors
  • Tools for reframing our thoughts into those that work for us rather than against us
  • Calming down during a busy and stressful day
  • Looking at our own personal goals of living life peacefully

Healthy Body, Healthy Eating
The most challenging reasons why we overeat

  • Understand the power of pleasurable but healthy eating habits
  • The emotions and triggers that may drive you to eating
  • Pick and choose your food without anxiety, while eating an unlimited variety
  • Utilize physical activity for pleasure and for health

On-going Support and Educational Group

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These classes take a deeper look into our unhealthy eating behaviors and address multi dimensional methods of changing poor eating habits into those that lead us toward a healthier body and an energetic life that supports healthier habits.  The group is generally for participants that have already taken the 8 week “Am I Hungry?” workshop series, but is not a necessary requirement.

Groups are facilitated by Denise Cangiano, MFT , Certified Wellcoach©; Certified Am I Hungry?® class facilitator